Share Money Card to Card

Sharing Money Card to Card

You can share money in real time card to card by moving money from your Alterna Visa®Prepaid Card to an Alterna Family Card or to another Alterna cardholder. To share money card-to-card login to your card account online or by mobile phone.3

Alterna Family Card1

Once you have activated your Alterna Visa Prepaid Card and loaded it with funds, you can login to your online account and order up to three (3) Alterna Family Cards. There is a fee of $6.95 for each card which will be debited from your Alterna card account. The Alterna Family Card can be personalized with your family member’s name–there is no ID required for the registration of your Alterna Family Card(s). The card(s) will be mailed to your address, and you can then give or mail the card to your family member(s).

The Alterna Family Card can only be loaded by sharing money from your primary Alterna Prepaid Visa Card account, and the Family Cards cannot access the money in your account. Your family members can only access the funds which you have loaded onto their individual Family Card(s).

Family Card Load Fee: Load up to $500 for only $0.99 each load2

Maximum Card Balance: $3,000

Total Monthly Reloads: $3,000 (to be shared between up to three Family Cards)

1 Available March 2017.
2 Other restrictions may apply. Please see the full Terms and Conditions for details.
3 Third-Party fees, standard text messaging fees, and/or data rate fees may apply.