How It Works

The Alterna Card works just like any bank-issued debit card, without ever having to worry about overdraft fees or the risk of going into debt. No Social Security Number is required for Non-U.S. Citizens*. All that Is required is a government-issued photo ID – from your country of origin. U.S. Citizens must provide a Social Security Number.

The Alterna card allows cardholders to share money instantly via card to card to an Alterna Family Visa cardholder or to another Alterna cardholder* Share up to $500 in real time for $0.99.
*Available March 2017

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Get Started

Activate your Card

Once you receive your card in the mail, you must activate it before
you can use it. Activation is quick and easy:

  • Call 1-855- 2-ALTERNA (1-855- 225-8376) or
  • visit
  • You will be asked to choose a PIN
  • Create your online account for managing your money and you
    will have immediate access to account information required to
    begin direct deposit

Open an Alterna Card Account

If you are a Non- U.S. Citizen, no Social Security Number is required – (Available March 2017). You can enroll by providing info on a Government-issued photo ID from your country or origin. Social Security Number is required for U.S. Citizens.

You will be asked to set up your username and password for your Alterna Card online account at this time. Your card will arrive by mail within 10 business days. The personalized card must be activated, you must choose a PIN and load with funds before you can use it.

Load Money onto your Card

It is easy to load money:

  • Set up Direct Deposit of your paycheck or Government
    Benefits – No Fee. Learn more
  • Load cash by visiting Green Dot Reload@Cash Register™,
  • Western Union Reload® or Visa ReadyLink® locations
    nationwide. (Fees will apply). Learn more
  • Load checks at WalMart, via Ingo™ Mobile Check Cashing, via
    ACH from a checking account or from another Alterna card
    account. Fees will apply. Learn more
  • Once you have loaded your card, you can order up to three (3)
    Family Cards (available March 2017). Learn more